2 thoughts on “Is engagement forgetting its origins – the need to engage?

  1. Hi Jon
    thanks for the kind words and reference to my book. I absolutely agree with your 3 points. You’re quite right that I focused on outputs in that section, I was just highlighting one area of change. But you are right, it’s engagement and dialogue that is possible. Your 3rd point about not waiting is one I often highlight in talks – it’s about openness all along the path. we have different opportunities now – dissemination doesn’t have to fit into the ‘conference paper’ or ‘journal article’ shaped box. It can be a blog post, a tweet, a video, etc. And your point about accessibility is also bang on – people engage in social media with the person, so just using it for formal broadcast is to misunderstand the medium.

    1. Thanks for your comments Martin and it is no surprise that I actually came across the book through a call for recommendations on twitter. If you haven’t read it, my previous post on why twitter should be a conversation might be of interest also.

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