Publication list

Journal Papers

Rainford, J. (2016) ‘Becoming a doctoral researcher in a digital world: Reflections on the role of Twitter for reflexivity and the internal conversation’, E-Learning and Digital Media. 

Rainford, J. (2016). Making internal conversations public: reflexivity of the connected doctoral researcher and its transmission beyond the walls of the academy. Journal Of Applied Social Theory, 1(1). Retrieved from

Rainford, J. (2016) Targeting of widening participation measures by elite institutions: Widening access or simply aiding recruitment?, Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education

Rainford, J., Sinclair, T., and Pike, D. (2015). Widening the (Out)reach: Potential use of Interactive Webinars to Extend Widening Participation Beyond Local Geographical Boundaries, Widening Participation and Lifelong learning 17(4)

Conference proceedings

Rainford, J. (2015) Who has the potential to benefit from higher education?. In Papers from the Education Doctoral Research Conference Saturday 28 November 2015

Book Reviews

Rainford, J. (2015) Faces of Discrimination in Higher Education in India: Quota Policy, Social Justice and the Dalits (Routledge Research in Educational Equality and Diversity) by Ovichegan, Samson K., Sociological Research Online, 20 (4)

Conference Papers

Rainford, J. (2016) How institutional doxa can shape choice within higher education, Eurostudents launch seminar, University of Surrey, 21 Sep 2016

Rainford, J. (2016) Making It Fit: Institutional Variations in Access and Success Policies, 3rd ISA forum of Sociology, Vienna, Austria, 13 Jul 2016

Rainford, J. (2016) Making internal conversations public: reflexivity of the connected doctoral researcher and its transmission beyond the walls of the academy, 3rd ISA forum of Sociology, Vienna, Austria, 11 Jul 2016

Rainford, J. (2016) Variations on a theme: Institutional interpretations of what it means to widen access and success, Using research to inform higher education policy and practice SRHE / OFFA event, Bristol, 15 Apr 2016

Rainford, J (2016) The same but different: Institutional variations on widening participation policy, British Sociological Association Conference, Birmingham, 6 Apr 2016

Rainford, J. (2015) Equal practices? A comparative study of widening participation in pre and post 1992 higher education institutions [poster], SRHE Newer Researchers Conference, Newport, 8 Dec 2015

Rainford, J. (2015) Who has the potential to benefit from Higher Education, 14th Annual School of Education Research Conference, University of Birmingham, 28 Nov 15

Rainford, J. (2015) Is the gap in widening participation practices narrowing? A comparison of the approaches in pre and post 1992 institutions, British Educational Research Association conference, Belfast, 15 Sep 2015

Rainford, J (2015) Perpetuating inequality: How conceptions of who is the right fit for an institution shape widening participation practices, European Sociological Association conference, Prague, 27 Aug 2015

Rainford J. and Sinclair, T. (2014) Widening the (out)reach: Using interactive webinars to extend widening participation beyond local geographical boundaries, European Access Network conference, Edinburgh, 3 Jun 2014

Online articles

Oman, S., Rainford, J. and Stewart, H. (2015). STORIES OF ACCESS IN HIGHER EDUCATION: A TRIUMPH (OR FAILURE) OF HOPE OVER EXPERIENCE?, Discover Society Issue 27,

Armstong, V., Fenton, L., McEwan, K., McDonald, R., Morrin, K. and Rainford, J. (2015). VIEWPOINT: VENTURING BEYOND CRITIQUE TO PRACTICE AND BACK AGAIN, Discover Society Issue 27 ,

Rainford, J. and Allen, K. (2014) ‘Education and equality: A critique of the ‘poverty of aspiration’ agenda’,  BERA respecting children and Young people’ 

Rainford, J. (2014) ‘Educate Now, teach later?’,Education, Youth Poverty and Social Class, 

Rainford, J. (2013) ‘They want to be famous but know it’s not the easy route’, CelebYouth Blog

Other publications 

Jankowska, M., Coleman, S., Rainford, J., Stoica, I., Pac, A., Christian, A., Syngouna, M. Tsoukala, A., Adewuyi, A. & Barker, D. (2016). Bilingual Creative Writing Clubs: An ecology for cross-cultural learning, Lifewide Magazine, 17, 86-92.


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